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WashTec Cleaning Technology GmbH

Argonstraße 7

86153 Augsburg

Telephone +49 821 5584-0

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WashTec UK Ltd.

14a Oak Industrial Park

Chelmsford Road

Great Dunmow

Essex CM6 1XN

Phone: +44 (0)1371-878-800

Independant Operators

Profitable car wash solutions for additional business.

Tap into additional sales potential and extend your existing washing business. Reliably costed and financed, tailored to your individual situation. We are there for you.

Our service range

We plan your car wash solution individually down to the last square metre.

Our gantry car washes and conveyor tunnel systems are extremely robust, low-maintenance and highly durable; even for very high washing volumes. We support you with our experience from the model selection, investment appraisal to the personnel expenditure through to any building conversion work on your premises.

Your advantages:

  • The ideal car wash for your site.
  • Numerous washing options for every customer type – and for complete customer satisfaction.
  • Extras strategically geared to the region such as drive-in offers and innovative operating concepts.
  • Spontaneous wash customers become regulars.
  • Perfectly tuned chemicals for vehicle care and professional accessories. 

Customer references

Q1 gas station, Rostock/ Germany

Q1 gas station, Rostock/ Germany

The SoftCare Pro Classic XL 320, which the visionary petrol station operator Tobias Brack commissioned from the global market leader WashTec, has been washing large vans up to 3.20 m high since mid-November 2015.

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bft gas station, Gebesee/ Germany

bft gas station, Gebesee/ Germany

When, three years ago, the WashTec engineers start to install the modern gantry in Gebesee, they find that the bay affords perfect space conditions. A factor that is extremely important for a SoftCare2 Pro Touchless.

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pink gas station, Eferding/ Austria

pink gas station, Eferding/ Austria

The petrol station market is becoming more colourful: an Austrian is pushing into Germany with pink petrol stations and car washes. The concept is proving highly popular - particularly with female customers.

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Agip gas station, Heringen/ Germany

Agip gas station, Heringen/ Germany

„The new car washes are more fun for our customers as well as for us.“
Peter Hugo Junior, Managing director Agip gas station

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