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Advanced Chemical System (ACS)

Refill chemicals – simpler than ever. 

The Advanced Chemical System (ACS) puts an end to the hassle of handling heavy canisters once and for all. The smart cartridge system works with handy, compact 5 kg cartridges. All that is left for you to do is to remove the empty cartridge and insert the full one – job done! The process is clean, quick and without any risk of mix-ups, and needless to say they last just as long.

Enhanced convenience and safety


As the world's first smart cartridge system, the Advanced Chemical System offers numerous advantages. Make life easy for yourself and gain time, convenience, safety and quality.

Your advantages with the Advanced Chemical System


Simple cartridge replacement in two minutes at most

The ACS cartridges can be simply unlocked with a standard locker key and easily removed from the docking station. The full cartridge is inserted and locked down – job done! Once inserted, the reserve supply tank is filled first and the system is immediately ready for operation. Changing the cartridge takes two minutes at most.

Additional convenience:

Cartridge replacement without risk of mix-ups

ACS cartridges and the system communicate with each other via RFID (radio frequency identification). The system detects whether the right cartridge has been inserted. If so, and the filling level is also OK, a green LED lights up. If the cartridge is empty, it will light up orange. If the cartridge is missing, the light will flash.

Additional safety:

Risk-free handling of chemicals

The special closure on the ACS cartridges is only opened on insertion into the docking station. This ensures that the replacement process is clean, and no persons come into contact with the cleaning chemicals. The closure also prevents any remaining fluid from escaping.

Increased quality:

Efficient dosing and prevention of ineffective washes

Despite their handy design and maximum weight of 5.5 kg, the cartridges are good for between 1,000 and 2,500 washes. The built-in reserve tank in the docking station lasts for up to another 250 washes. This prevents ineffective washes without added chemicals.

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