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WashTec UK Ltd.

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More experience and results

Your gateway to a successful car wash business.

Flexible. Cost efficient. Reliable. Attractive.
WashTec's gantry car washes excel with high their quality, sophisticated technology and innovative functions, not to mention their perfect cleaning results.

Innovative solutions for a special washing experience.

You demand a great deal of your gantry car wash. Because your customers do it, too: They always expect a bit more. More experience. More fun. And of course first class washing results. WashTec gantry car wash systems offer all that. And much more.


Gantry car wash SoftCare² Pro:

The high-performance car wash with versatile functions.

  • State-of-the-art technology.
  • Innovative functions.
  • A new quality in vehicle washing.
  • SoftCare² Pro Touchless even contactless.