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Innovations in gantry car washes

Drive-In: The comfortable car wash.

Augsburg, June 2016 – The picture of a motorist watching his car being washed from outside the car wash in the icy cold or steamy heat could soon be a thing of the past. WashTec has developed an innovative solution to this discomfort for both operators and customers in the form of the car wash operator system Drive-In. It allows the driver to stay seated in his vehicle throughout the wash. Drive-In therefore not only sets a new standard in comfort in gantry car washes, but also creates more safety for the customer and also more capacity, and therefore more potential turnover, for the operator. The Drive-In concept can be retrofitted at every site.

For the motorist, Drive-In is an exceptionally easy operating system: After buying the wash ticket in the shop, the customer drives to the Drive-In operator terminal in front of the car wash with his vehicle just like in a parking garage. After selecting the required wash, he decides by the press of a button on a neatly organised touch screen whether he wishes to remain seated in his car during the wash or, conventionally, wishes to wait outside the car wash. Since the customers already select their wash while the previous wash is still in progress, the change times are reduced. This is supported by selection or activation of the wash from the vehicle.

If the driver selects Drive-In, the screen display informs him about the operating and safety rules for preparation of the vehicle and the process. Once the driver has made all necessary preparations and read and understood the operating instructions, he confirms this on the touch screen and is then given the green light by the operator terminal to enter the car wash. Once in the car wash, the driver is guided into the correct washing position by traffic lights or a display, and at the end of the wash, he is informed that he may leave the car wash. The only, but decisive difference to the conventional procedure: the customer can remain comfortably seated in his acclimatised car during the washing process and keep the wait time short.

More safety.

Apart from the "wow" factor of being able to follow the wash at first hand, but dry, the Drive-In operating system creates noticeably more comfort during the car wash. And this does not only mean an end to the wait in front of the car wash in all kinds of weather: Parents with small children do no longer need to worry about their offspring wandering around on the sometimes busy petrol station or car wash premises. In fact, the subject of safety plays a decisive role in Drive-In as it is equipped with two essential machine features that stop the car wash immediately in the case of a problem and summon car wash staff: the "emergency stop" by pressing the vehicle hooter and the mechanical width control. When an "emergency stop" has been triggered, the machine stops the washing process immediately, drives the brushes away from the vehicle automatically and alerts the personnel. The width control not only monitors correct positioning of the vehicle before the wash starts, but also ensures during the wash that the machine stops immediately should a door be opened suddenly. Last but not least, the Drive-In principle means considerably more safety for the driver in general. Since it is no longer necessary to get into and out of the vehicle, it is no longer necessary to walk through the car wash on an often very wet and slippery floor where not rarely numerous tripping hazards lurk.

More turnover.

Apart from the clear gain in comfort and safety, the Drive-In concept also has monetary benefits. The complete washing process is shortened because it is no longer necessary to get into and out of the vehicle. Wait times between the washes are reduced – also because the next customer already selects his wash while the previous wash is still in progress. This can mean up to 17% more capacity at peak times, resulting in more profit.

The Drive-In concept therefore creates a full package that satisfies the demands of both the operator and his customers.

About WashTec: Based in Augsburg, Germany, the WashTec Group ( is the world’s leading supplier of innovative carwash solutions. WashTec employs more than 1,700 people worldwide and is represented through wholly owned subsidiaries in the core markets of Europe, the United States and Canada, as well as in China and Australia. WashTec also has a presence in some 70 countries through independent sales partners.

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