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MaxiWash Vario Tandem – fast and reliable at peak times.

 WashTec MaxiWash Vario Tandem

Augsburg, May 2017 – Time is money. Particularly in commercial vehicle washing, vehicles often have to be washed quickly – but nevertheless thoroughly. At peak times with a high throughput, the MaxiWash Vario Tandem commercial vehicle wash truly comes into its own and delivers spotless results in just 2.5 minutes.

When washing a vehicle, besides getting it clean, it is above all the time the operator or his customers spend in the facility that counts. Whether hauliers, transport companies or contract washers – thorough washing results with high throughput at peak times are what count for employees and customers alike. Where every second counts on all sides, WashTec offers the perfect solution in the form of its MaxiWash Vario Tandem which guarantees excellent washing results in unbeatable time!

The MaxiWash dual gantry system ensures spotless results in next to no time, since one gantry washes the front half of the vehicle, and the other the rear. A 12 metre long bus is washed end-to-end in just two and a half minutes. The equipping variants offer complete flexibility. For example, parallel operation is possible or a single gantry can be selected for vans. In addition, the MaxiWash Vario Tandem is available with four or six brushes.

Every vehicle wash should be made as simple and convenient to use as possible the larger the vehicle. Irrespective of whether you are a contract washer or fleet operator, convenience is also a significant factor in commercial vehicle washing. With its washing systems for commercial vehicles, WashTec offers convenience in a new dimension. From simple control terminals and positioning systems to special brushes and cleaning products – coupled with maximum individuality.

About WashTec: Based in Augsburg, Germany, the WashTec Group ( is the world's leading supplier of innovative car wash solutions. WashTec employs more than 1,700 people and is represented through wholly owned subsidiaries in the core markets of Europe, the United States and Canada, as well as in China and Australia. WashTec also has a presence in some 70 countries through independent sales partners.

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