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MaxiWash Vario – the right choice for commercial vehicles.

 Nutzfahrzeug-Waschanlage MaxiWash Vario

Augsburg, May 2017 – Is there a washing system for commercial vehicles that washes spotlessly clean – and what's more in under seven minutes? A system that is easy to operate whilst impressing with impeccable washing results? A system that allows room for upgrading if I need more functions? Such a washing system does exist – the MaxiWash Vario is the successful system for commercial vehicles from WashTec, which perfectly satisfies wide-ranging requirements on a modern commercial vehicle wash.

Like no other system, it satisfies the high requirements that you and your customers place on washing performance and speed, user convenience and design. Four parameters that we at WashTec refer to as the 4DIMENSIONS of modern vehicle washing. The MaxiWash Vario combines all these dimensions into one commercial vehicle wash, which impresses your customers or you as the owner of your own fleet by making the vehicle wash faster and more efficient. The MaxiWash Vario is ideally suited for a wide range of commercial vehicle types, which have to be washed day in, day out in their thousands in haulage, bus and transport companies and also in truck wash centres. The system delivers rapid and thorough results. An 18 metre long truck is washed end-to-end twice in just under seven minutes.

Flexible system configuration and user-friendly functions

The dual mounted side brushes ensure optimum contact with the vehicle and achieve even and exceptionally thorough washing results. User operation via terminals with clear text display and specific service buttons makes control easy for every operator. What is more, operators benefit from the intelligent control of the washing cycles and the continuously variable adjustment of the washing speed.

Flexibility coupled with low space requirements and time savings are available to operators through the option of a short washing bay. It often happens that the space for a commercial vehicle wash is limited and many vehicles have to be washed immediately after one another. The short washing bay option of the MaxiWash Vario combines advantages of a gantry wash with those of a drive-through system. Due to its short track length, it offers complete flexibility as regards the length of vehicles and also achieves significant time savings.

Low maintenance and durable technology

Robust components and reliable functions characterise the low-maintenance technology. Maintenance-free bearings, for example, in the brush in-feed and rotation drives cut out the hassle of lubrication. This saves time and money. The fully zinc-galvanised frame construction ensures a long service life. Operators thus enjoy outstanding value for money.

Versatile equipping options for individual requirements

The offering is rounded off by numerous individually selectable equipment variants. These include a wide range of additional programmes such as the chemical pre-wash, the high-pressure wash in the chassis area or complete all-round, the underbody wash and positioning systems, not to mention attractive designs for splash guard covers. Needless to say, WashTec also offers its highly efficient water recovery system for the MaxiWash Vario. The AquaPur² with XL extension is ideally suited for operators with a low to medium throughput. For a medium to high throughput, it is advisable to use a gravel filter from WashTec' MF range.

The MaxiWash Vario offering is thus precisely tailored to the needs of operators. In short, MaxiWash Vario is a truly successful system for the wide-ranging applications encountered in commercial vehicle washing.

About WashTec: Based in Augsburg, Germany, the WashTec Group ( is the world's leading supplier of innovative car wash solutions. WashTec employs more than 1,700 people and is represented through wholly owned subsidiaries in the core markets of Europe, the United States and Canada, as well as in China and Australia. WashTec also has a presence in some 70 countries through independent sales partners.

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