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Patented technology available for all components

SoftLine² - linear following technology to perfection.


Augsburg, July 2017 – SoftLine² sees WashTec laying the long-term foundation at top car wash sites for increased throughput coupled with outstanding washing and drying results. Thanks to conveyor speeds of up 13 m per minute and a throughput potential of up to 120 vehicles an hour, the SoftLine² systems make it possible to wash a very high number of vehicles and as such to achieve maximum sales potential. Vehicles are cleaned quickly and thoroughly. WashTec's linear technology designed for making optimum use of the conveyor tunnel system length is available for all components – high pressure, washing, drying and polishing.

With the patented linear technology from WashTec, the roof and side washers travel along the front and rear of the vehicle. This prolongs the washing time for more intensive cleaning of the radiator grille, headlights, bumpers and number plates for the same conveyor tunnel system length. When swivelling in, the roof and side washers accelerate briefly so as to ensure that the brushes are constantly in contact with the vehicle when washing the rear. The SoftLine² conveyor tunnel system incorporates numerous sophisticated optimised features in terms of the frame construction, dryer system, vehicle transport in addition to the high-pressure and brush station. The car wash frame permits a washing width and spray height of 2.40 m each. To ensure that vehicles are transported extremely gently, a plastic conveyor belt is available, which is also suitable for very wide tyres up to 375 mm. This allows the conveyor tunnel system to be used by virtually any type of vehicle – from a compact car to a van.

More high-pressure power

The linear technology is also used for the high-pressure wash, whose high-pressure roof beam is also designed to rotate. This allows far better washing results to be achieved particularly in critical areas of the vehicle. Without touching the vehicles, an optimum spraying distance is maintained by means of a multiple light barrier, while the rotation of the roof beam ensures a perfect spray angle. Vehicles are cleaned with up to 70 bar by the contour-tracking high-pressure roof beam, whose components for the lift and pivoting motions are suspended via a maintenance-free and reliable dual-belt system. The high-pressure roof beam can be combined flexibly with various side high-pressure variants and adapted to the WashTec frame concept with 2.40 m spray height and washing width.

"Touch" operator terminal

Thanks to its touch-screen GUI and simple-to-use graphic menus, the WashTec terminal "Touch" is not only intuitive to operate but also language-independent. For an exceptionally reliable and fast preselection of the wash programmes, the system offers the option of integrating a barcode scanner or a contactless transponder card reader. The design and user controls of our Touch operator terminal are geared to fast and reliable handling!

Upgrading the frame construction

When designing the open and spacious frame construction, it was important to ensure that customers do not feel claustrophobic when driving into the conveyor tunnel system. What is more, the frame not only provides a protective housing, but also permits easy access to the pneumatic and media supply. Access to control cabinets and valves has been greatly facilitated as a result, which also allows SoftLine² operators to save valuable time and costs. For those sites at which it is possible to see into the conveyor tunnel system bay through wide open glass fronts, for the SoftLine², WashTec also offers various options for upgrading the frame's visual appearance. By way of illustration, operators can choose to have the carriages of the side brushes and the support elements of the frame construction clad with painted covers. For maintenance purposes, these coverings can be removed quickly and conveniently without any tools whatsoever.

Flexible brush station

Thanks to the Vario modular system of the SoftLine², WashTec can offer a flexible brush station system that can be customised in terms of its size and equipment to the requirements of the particular site. For large sites with very high washing volumes, the "SLX" brush station allows WashTec to offer a module, for example, where a total of four linear following side brushes wash the front, rear and side panels of the vehicle twice each. This makes for a more uniform and as such exceptionally thorough washing process and greatly reduces the loads on the motors and bearings of the brush station, which in turn extends the service life of the components and units.

Modular dryer design with innovative FlexStream technology

Thanks to the innovative geometry, the roof dryer that can be equipped with rotating nozzles achieves an "integral effect", which involves the dryer's air current developing its full effect on the side panels of vehicles and blowing the water droplets away from vehicles from the top down. The roof and side dryers of a SoftLine² conveyor tunnel system can be combined flexibly to suit the site's requirements. WashTec offers a blower roof dryer that is not only contour-following, but which also – just like the side brushes – follows along linearly, thus extending the exposure time to the air current by 30%. This also contributes to improved drying results just like the flow control of the dryer unit. These measures result in a high energy efficiency and as such reduced power consumption on account of the "targeted" drying along vehicle contours.

Countdown for a swift exit

The countdown traffic light in an attractive stainless steel surround promises operators of SoftLine² conveyor tunnel systems less time lost due to conveyor stops and accordingly an increase in vehicle throughput. The trick is that, at the end of the wash, car wash customers receive information exact to the second about the remaining time before they drive out, encouraging them to start their vehicles promptly and drive out without a delay on "Green". This increases the frequency since conveyor stops due to the automatic collision protection being deployed are avoided and after finishing their wash customers do not block vehicles that follow.

Über WashTec: Die WashTec Gruppe mit Sitz in Augsburg ( ist der weltweit führende Anbieter von innovativen Lösungen rund um die Fahrzeugwäsche. WashTec beschäftigt über 1.700 Mitarbeiter und ist mit eigenen Tochtergesellschaften in den Kernmärkten Europas, den USA und Kanada sowie in China und Australien vertreten. Darüber hinaus ist WashTec mit selbstständigen Vertriebspartnern in rund 70 Ländern präsent.

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