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Options for gantry car washes

Revolutionising the car wash – Wash&Pay is flexible and saves you time

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Augsburg, 21st January 2015 – “Pay first, then wash” – those days are over. From now on, using a gantry car wash will be much more efficient and effective thanks to Wash&Pay, WashTec’s revolutionary new payment concept. It’s vehicle cleaning at its most flexible: if the carwash is available, customers can drive right in and pay later at the shop without any hurry or fuss. WashTec, the world’s leading supplier of carwash solutions, is doing away with queuing in the shop before entering the carwash.

It must have happened to you – you pull up at the petrol station and you’re thrilled to see that there’s nobody using the car wash. You fill up the car as quickly as possible and rush into the shop to pay and get yourself a voucher for the car wash. Back outside, your joy evaporates as you see that the car wash is suddenly full of cars. Now WashTec has seen to it that this will never happen to you again.

Customers will now be able to go straight to the car wash instead of having to go to the shop first to get a voucher. They then have the convenience of paying either during or after the vehicle wash. And while their car is being washed they might choose to visit the shop, where a monitor allows them to keep an eye on their car and know when it will be ready. This way, they are free to enjoy a cappuccino or do whatever they please until the wash cycle is over. Wash&Pay changes not only how petrol stations work, but also how they are used. Customers can keep constant track of how far along their car is in the wash cycle, meaning they no longer have to wait outside the carwash braving the elements until their car is clean. This means they are more likely to check out what the shop has on offer and to buy things. What is more, having a live feed from the washing bay visible at the shop counter, showing how long any current cycles have left to run, is an effective way to encourage potential customers standing in the queue to use the service.

“By revolutionising the carwash process, we’re making a trip to the carwash much less stressful for customers. Washing your car at the petrol station is a lot more fun if you don’t have to wait around as long and you can choose how to spend your time,” explains Wolfgang Dietsch, Gantry SystemsProduct Manager at WashTec. But it’s operators as well as end customers who stand to benefit from Wash&Pay. “By shortening the gaps between cycles, we’ve made it possible to carry out more vehicle washes in the same amount of time, which opens up huge sales potential,” says Dietsch.

Carwash customers will be able to enjoy limitless freedom at venues offering Wash&Pay in combination with iWash – WashTec’s new way to customise your car wash experience. iWash allows you to use the gantry car wash’s interactive touch-screen operating terminal to put together just the wash you want.


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