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Twister makes the “stars” shine


Augsburg, 21st January 2015 – What is guaranteed to make a car lover’s heart beat faster? Rims. They lend every car a unique character. Yet brake dust and grime make these “shiny stars” lose their lustre. Now the new Twister wheel washer option for the WashTec SoftCare² Pro gantry carwash system offers a perfect clean with convincing results every time, whatever the rim – from small 15” to large 22” diameter wheels, broad spokes to intricate subdivisions. Twister’s five rotating brush rollers are perfectly adjusted to match any requirement.

For a long time, car enthusiasts have been wishing for an innovative solution to handle stubborn wheel rim dirt. Twister is a state-of-the-art wheel washer system that properly lives up to its name: it rotates through every rim, penetrating every nook and cranny. “This means we can achieve the perfect results that WashTec customers are entitled to expect. Our developers have successfully reinvented rim washing, so you can say goodbye to the painstaking job of removing stubborn residual dirt by hand,” says WashTec Gantry Systems Product Manager Wolfgang Dietsch.

With five brush rollers per wheel, Twister targets all the rim’s different areas – so it’s well ahead of other systems on the market. It reaches the rims’ outer ring, spokes and often intricate central area for optimum cleaning.

At the heart of the innovation is a central drive and electronic motor for all axes of rotation to keep the entire system and each individual brush roller rotating during cleaning. This effective technology is complemented by a rim spray system that helps remove stubborn dirt using powerful chemicals. The brushes can clean even the smallest spaces effectively with the help of high pressure jets and a 70-bar pump.

These components work together to guarantee a convincing result for all rims, from the smallest 15” to the largest 22”. Whether it’s large spokes or delicate details, the brush rollers on WashTec’s Twister wheel washer will make everything squeaky clean, so car lovers can keep on being proud of their shiny “stars”.


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