Easily control all the functions of your car wash sites via a smartphone– for improved convenience and more profit

Simple, convenient, intelligent and with remote access to your car wash sites:Turn your car wash business into a SmartSite.

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Smooth operation of the wash bay

  • You see the status of the gantry car wash in real time and also always have an overview of the total number of washes
  • You always have an overview of the total number of washes
  • You can control all the functions of the gantry car wash (ON, OFF, Standby) 

Practical example: In the event of a malfunction, for example, you can shut down the car wash and close the roller doors - without being on site and without the need for personnel.

Safety in the tech room

  • Monitor the status of the tech room door
  • The function "Open the tech room door" is available as an option
  • Flood sensors monitor the tech room

Practical example: If you as the operator are not on site, you can open the tech room door by remote control via SmartSite to grant access to chemical suppliers, service or cleaning personnel.

Saving energy with washing water

  • You can control the temperature of the washing water depending on the outside temperature, saving energy and costs

Practical example: You continue to offer your car wash customers warm washing water, but this is controlled by an energy-efficient smart heating logic. This helps you improve customer satisfaction and save energy costs at the same time.

Optimum lighting in outdoor areas

  • Four controllable lighting circuits ensure optimum outdoor lighting
  • Including timer and twilight sensor

Practical example: You can access the lighting control of the car wash centre at any time of day and, for example, activate the ALARM system to persuade unwelcome guests to leave the car wash centre.

Smooth operation of self-service car washes

  • You can see the status of the wash stations in real time
  • You will receive a push notification in the event of a fault
  • You can activate all functions per wash station (ON, OFF, FREEWASH)

Practical example: If you have an unhappy self-service wash customer, you can remotely switch the wash booth to "FREE WASH" to satisfy the customer. Without additional personal or increased effort.

Outdoor heating for optimal operation

  • Smart heating logic keeps the floor panels in outdoor areas ice-free in an energy-efficient manner
  • The ability to query the weather online via the weather station allows you to adjust the lead time (max. +3 h) of the heating if small or no buffer storage tanks are available 

Practical example: If the buffer tank is running low, the system reacts automatically and promptly to changes in temperature. This ensures reliable operation at all times.

Full overview of sales and energy use

  • You have a constant overview of the total sales of your self-service systeme
  • You can easily monitor and control water and electricity consumption

Practical example: You can see the main consumption data of the self-service car wash with a simple click in the overview, allowing you to easily monitor the efficiency of the system.

Opening times at a glance

  • Opening hours and time are displayed

Digital and intelligent - car wash business via smartphone is so efficient

SmartSite from WashTec is the simple, practical and clear platform for smart monitoring and control of car wash sites.


energy costs

With intelligent heating control, without the need for personnel, resource-saving.

The digital car wash business with SmartSite –
Your advantages


Simple and practice-oriented monitoring and control of self-service and gantry car washes


Flexible design with different functional elements


Targeted deployment of personnel and service

Higher operational

Thanks to real-time status feedback from the car wash


Energy cost savings approx. 20-30%*

event report

Monthly overview by email of: profitability data, consumption data, capacity utilisation


Convenient, worldwide access to the systems via remote app

* compared to a standard self-service facility without SmartSite, smart control of the washing water temperature and floor panel heating

„With SmartSite I gain more time and freedom. An indispensable tool for an energy-efficient system and cost savings.“

Markus Priester, Car wash operator

„Since I operate several stations and car washing is not my
main business, I had the ability to monitor and control my
car wash sites remotely from anywhere with SmartSite."

Bruno Besold, Car wash park Fürth

Perfect service from WashTec - always there for you

WashTec offers you all the hardware and software for SmartSite as a one-stop shop.

At the same time, you can rely on our extensive service network. We have specialists available in every region. From our more than 250 service employees, the right experts are never far away.

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