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Offer your customers a real enhanced
wash experience with the amazing

Your customers have never experienced a car wash like this:
FoamSensation completely covers the vehicle with a colour illuminated foam curtain. This looks impressive, increases the attractiveness of your location and is a real customer magnet.

Innovative technology in detail

Spectacular experience:

The way it works is simple and stunning.  The foam flows out of the FlexStream roof dryer as a curtain of foam,  completely covering the vehicle.

Seamless foam application:

Thanks to the height adjustment of the roof dryer, the distance is always such that there are no gaps in the foam. So a seamless foam application is achieved.

Application in conveyor tunnel systems:

In conveyor tunnel systems the FoamSensation is either mounted directly on the entrance or on a separate arch.

Spectacular effects:

The spectacular effect is reinforced by the LED lightning: A variety of colours and different patterns, such as:  continuous flashing, strobe, and colour transitions which can be set individually via the adjustment menu.

The benefits of FoamSensation

Spectacular shower experience:

uninterrupted foam spraying in conveyor tunnel systems and gantry car washes.

Spectacular effects:

coloured backlit foam curtain using LED lighting with numerous colour settings.

Rapid activation:

even after long breaks FoamSensation produces perfect foam within seconds.

Competitive advantage:

FoamSensation increases the attractiveness of your location and is a real magnet for customers.

FoamSensation for conveyor tunnel systems

Increased revenue opportunities:

FoamSensation justifies higher average wash prices.

Potential retrofitting:

add-on unit available for tunnel washers and gantry systems.

FoamSensation for gantry car washes

FoamSensation for conveyor tunnel systems