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Self-service car washes

Self-service car washes to
suit every size of site and
every requirement.

You are looking for a self-service car wash that best fits your specific needs. Which helps you to boost your sales. And which impresses your customers with its outstanding washing performance. The self-service car washes from WashTec impress with their high cost-efficiency, flexibility and customer satisfaction.

Maximum profitability and versatility for up to 8 washing bays.

You place the highest demands on your self-service car wash. Enhanced experience. More pleasure. Profitable investment with high return on investment for up to 8 washing bays.

Waschplätze in der SB-Waschanlage

2 to 8 bay rack systems:

Profitability and versatility for up to 8 washing bays.

The compact rack systems offer top performance and flexibility. Innovative concepts make every wash an experience. 

  • For rooms available on site.
  • Container variant as a complete solution with minimal outlay on site.

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The tailor-made solution for up to 3 washing bays.

Cabinet systems impress with their low-cost operation and higher returns particularly in small areas.

Waschanlagen Schrankdesign

2-3 bay cabinet systems:

Wide range of wash programmes coupled with compact design. 

  • Attractive cabinet design as eye-catchers.
  • Intelligent options such as an integrated lance and brush rest.
  • Compact design for use on small sites.

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WashMaster SB-Autowaschanlage


With a WashMaster, even small areas are enough for offering a complete self-service wash.

  • Ideal solution for service stations, car showrooms and supermarkets.
  • Integrated side arm for operation without constructional steelwork.

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Modular and flexible – the attractive steelwork design from WashTec.

Waschplätze mit Dach


Modular and flexible – the attractive steelwork design from WashTec.

The steelwork of WashTec wash cubicles affords plenty of scope for architectural design. 

  • Modular design for customisation to your needs.
  • Washing bays with or without a roof as open-air washing bays for trucks and mobile homes.
  • Steelwork "Compact" or steelwork "Design": washing bays designed down to the last detail. 

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Discover further highlights for a successful wash business.



Large selection of innovations.

  • Colour concept – Clearly arranged and functional.
  • Powerfoam pistol – Foaming perfomance.
  • Illuminated attic – for an improved long-distance effect.

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