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Highlights self-service car washes

Large selection of innovations.

Discover further highlights for a successful wash business. WashTec is presenting innovations tailored to the wide-ranging business concepts and needs of customers. With a clear strategy and focus on maximum customer benefit!

Self-service power foam combination lance – 2 in 1.

Self-service washing is now even easier thanks to the new patented combination lance from WashTec! The lance combines the power foam and high pressure washing programmes, allowing easy switch over on the operator terminal at the touch of a button. This makes operation easier for car wash customers, which in turn leads to increased customer satisfaction.

Self-service power foam combination lance:

One lance - two functions.

  • The combination lance is also ideal for operators who want to retrofit a power foam option – no additional ceiling gyro is required.
  • Cost-efficient solution for operators: Using dosing pumps and achieve the perfect foam results without the use of frequency converters. The variable foam quality can be adjusted via the admission pressure and the chemical dosage.

Colour concept – Clearly arranged and functional for the perfect washing experience.

The new colour coding makes it easier for your customers to manage the WashTec car wash system. The cutting-edge colour code is adapted to the individual structure of the programme, allowing the customer to see at a glance which brush belongs to which self-service programme.


Colour concept:

Everything at your fingertips:

  • The colour codes make operation simple and intuitive.
  • The respective programme steps are also colour-coded within the WashTec control panel.
  • Clear view of available credit: The plain text display provides customers with a constant overview of their remaining credit, so they always know how much washing time they have left and when they need to top up.
  • Always informed with illuminated programme display: The bright LEDs light up during the washing process to indicate the selected programme. An acoustic signal confirms the selection.
  • Always ready to use thanks to flexible payment options: The operating terminal allows for payment with coins, tokens, contact free transponder cards (which can be topped up and reused on any of the washing systems available at the site) or prepaid wash codes.
  • Maintenance-free panel for cost-efficient operation: The terminal is operated by an electronic pulse that is generated when the panel is touched. With no mechanical workings, the terminal is certainly low maintenance. The closed panel protects the components behind it from splashing water.

Powerfoam pistol – Foaming performance.

Offer your customers a good foaming performance and a consistent spraying pattern with a separate, low-maintenance powerfoam pistol. The foam application ensures not only perfect results but also an extraordinary washing experience.

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Powerfoam pistol:

The powerful sales driver at self-service car washes.

  • With power foam, a separate lance is used to produce an extremely voluminous blanket of foam, which helps to dissolve dirt.
  • On one hand, your car wash customers have fun covering their vehicles completely in foam, whilst on the other hand, sales increase for the operator because on average customers spend longer washing.
  • Optionally, the foam can also be applied and rinsed off with a lance.

Illuminated attic – for an improved long-distance effect.

Upgrade your steel construction and improve your appearance even from far away. The illuminated attic with a height of 600 mm can be adapted to the design of your location. The high-quality panel made from powder-coated aluminium ensures a longer service life and is individually printable.

Waschplätze mit Dach

Illuminated attic:

Get noticed from a greater distance.

  • Energy-saving LED technology coupled with an inviting and modern appearance.
  • Visibility from a greater distance being 600 mm high.
  • Digital printing with graphics allows the technology to be perfectly adapted to the individual design of your premises. Design of the LED fascia panel can be customised to customer specifications. Interchangeable design of the front fascia panel.
  • Made from powder-coated aluminium for a long service life in addition to a paint finish to customer requirements.
  • With a suitable support, retrofitting the LED fascia panel is a convenient option.