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4DIMENSIONS for a successful
car wash business.

Like no other, the gantry car washes, conveyor tunnel systems, self-service car washes and commercial vehicle washing systems meets your customers’ high requirements for washing quality and speed, ease of use and design. Four parameters that we at WashTec call the 4DIMENSIONS of the modern car wash. Use our car washes to guarantee the greatest customer satisfaction and a successful car wash business.



Efficient cleaning and care, low consumption and maximum cost effectiveness. This is what the TecsLine chemical product range from WashTec's subsidiary AUWA stands for.

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Mann lehnt sich an glänzendes Autos

MultiFlex side washing system:

The multi-dimensional side washer adapts flexibly to the rear slope of the car. The result: a more brilliant finish for your customers and more turnover for you.

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Frau wäscht und poliert Auto mit SelfTecs-Chemie


The SelfTecs chemicals from AUWA make washing and polishing possible in a single programme step. In other words: pre-wash, wash/shine, rinse – the complete car wash is taken care of.

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SofTecs® Pur:

SofTecs® Pur is especially gentle and safe for paintwork and surfaces. Thanks to a higher rotational speed and longer contact with the vehicle, SofTecs® Pur achieves even more effective cleaning with improved results. The brushes are available in a variety of colours and colour combinations.

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Radwäscher WheelJet reinigt große und kleine Felgen

WheelFlash und WheelJet:

WheelFlash enables precise, complete application of the chemicals on the rims and ensures a brilliant shine for any design. The WheelJet washer can be trusted to clean both small and large rims: the diagonal arrangement means it always hits the centre and cleans even 21" rims.

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Rotationsdachdüse FlexStream


FlexStream is a multi-function rotating roof jet that takes care of chemical application, high-pressure washing and drying. Thanks to 360° rotation, it achieves highly effective results.

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Vorreinigung eines Autos mit Turbonozzles

High-pressure options:

The maximum-effect TurboNozzles in this version ensure improved removal of coarse dirt in the front, rear and wheel arch areas.

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Waschstraße mit Auto und linear mitfahrenden Dach- und Seitenwalzen

Linear Technology at conveyor tunnel systems:

Linear following roof and side brushes guarantee a more impact time spent at each part along the entire vehicle contour. Electronic brush adjustment ensures precise and careful positioning of the brushes thanks to continuous current measurement of the rotary movement.

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zwei Autos fahren in zwei hintereinander geschaltete Portale

Gantry car wash SoftCare² Takt:

Two gantries in separate zones for washing and drying take care of two vehicles at the same time and achieve a throughput of up to 20 cars per hour.

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Portalwaschanlage SoftCare² Juno

Gantry car wash SoftCare² Juno:

Extremely fast washing thanks to an intelligent dual-gantry concept – for shorter washing and drying times. Second roof jet speeds up the washing process; second dryer speeds up the drying process.

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Mann wählt am Touchterminal intuitiv das Waschprogramm in der Autowaschanlage


iWash enables you to offer your customers precisely the wash programme they require. And precisely the wash the desire – individually, flexibly and conveniently by touch selection.

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Wash&Pay: Frau bezahlt während der Autowäsche


Drive in, get the car cleaned and pay – with Wash&Pay, getting the car washed is just like refuelling. The customer drives directly into a free gantry and can pay conveniently either during or after the car wash process.

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Frau sitzt während Autowäsche bequem in Auto


Buy a wash ticket, drive in, get the car cleaned and off you go: with the Drive-In car wash concept, your customers sit comfortably in their cars during the washing process. With customers staying in the car, the wait time between washes is shortened. This is especially useful at peak times, when you can wash more cars in less time and achieve greater profit as a result.

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Portalwaschanlage SoftCare² Pro XL für Fahrzeuge mit extra breiten Abmessungen

Gantry car wash SoftCare² Pro XL:

Wide saloons, SUVs, caravans and commercial vans can all fit comfortably in the SoftCare2 Pro XL thanks to 2.58 metres of width, making it the perfect machine for vehicles with especially large dimensions.

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SB-Programm mit bunten Farben in einer JetWash-Waschanlage

Self-service colour concept:

The new colour coding makes it easier for your customer to manage the WashTec car wash system. The cutting-edge colour code is adapted to the individual structure of the programme, allowing the customer to see at a glance which brush belongs to which self-service programme.

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farbig beleuchteten Schaumvorhang in der Autowaschanlage


Offer your customers a real enhanced wash experience: FoamSensation completely covers the vehicle with a colour illuminated foam curtain. Add-on unit available for tunnel washers and gantry systems.

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farbig beleuchtete StarTrack Führungsschienen in der Autowaschanlage


The innovative StarTrack guide rails light up to show your customers the way into the gantry and allow the customer to see immediately when the car is in the correct position.

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LED-Attika beleuchtet Autos und Waschanlage im Dunkeln

Illuminated attic:

Upgrade your steel construction and improve your appearance even from far away. The illuminated attic with a height of 600 mm can be adapted to the design of your location.

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