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WashTec UK Ltd.

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About WashTec

Ideas that set standards. Worldwide.

WashTec is the world's leading provider of innovative solutions for all aspects of vehicle washing. Over 1800 employees working with us in more than 80 countries to shape the future of the washing business. Products, processes and solutions from WashTec offer operators and end customers alike outstanding results and experiences. And constantly set new standards in the worldwide washing business.

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WashTec Corporate Philosophy.

Our Nr. 1 goal is customer benefit.

  • We offer our customers, the end users and car wash operators the maximum amount of benefits.
  • Revenue and profit are not goals but a logical result of our work.

We are specialists in the area of carwash.

  • We focus on our area of expertise: the carwash. We understand the related processes and Technologies in all their breadth and depth.
  • We combine science and technology into overall better solutions; this includes exceptional services covering the entire life cycle.

We are an innovation company.

  • We are never satisfied with the status quo, but strive to constantly improve ourselves.
  • We are curious, proactively look for opportunities, recognize areas of improvement and implement them together and quickly with all our strength.

We live leadership.

  • Leadership for us means setting an example and seeing the big picture.We provide a professional and creative environment for the successful development of our employees and the company.
  • Trust, fairness and continuous learning form the basis of our cooperation, internally and externally.
  • We ensure that roles and responsibilities are clearly assigned and know we can rely on each other to perform.

We are entrepreneurs at WashTec.

  • We are professionals in our area of expertise, set ourselves the highest standards and are constantly developing our skills.
  • Each of us sees the whole picture and makes his/her contribution. We help each other and share our knowledge.
  • Within our areas of responsibility we take decisions and accept responsibility for them.

Leading in the vehicle washing business.

Around 40,000 installed washing facilities worldwide, more than 2 million vehicles washed every day with WashTec technologies. These figures speak for themselves. The make WashTec the undisputed market leader of the car wash industry. WashTec is represented with subsidiaries in the core markets of Europe and the U.S., in China and the Czech Republic. Added to this are numerous independent sales partners in more than 80 countries. Plus an area-wide service network with over 600 of our own technicians in Europe and 300 technicians at sales partners. Thanks to our proximity to the markets, we know their respective needs, which allows us in turn to gear our solutions consistently in line with these.

Innovation leaders yesterday, today and in future.

WashTec is not only the world market leader, but also a leading innovator in the vehicle washing business. The list of our innovations is long. It extends from the invention of the gantry car wash through to the ongoing perfecting of the equipment. From innovative digital solutions through to new products in the field of washing chemicals. All WashTec innovations are consistently geared to the changing needs of customers and operators.

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