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Gantry car wash SoftCare SE

The new entry

WashTec proudly presents its new entry into the world of gantry systems: the SoftCare SE. This innovative car wash has been designed specifically for car dealerships and sets new standards in terms of performance, flexibility and efficiency to meet the changing needs of car dealerships. SoftCare SE responds to current challenges such as ever larger vehicles and increased demands on wash quality, including service washes.


Highlight: Design

The SoftCareSE is characterised by its new, modern design, which combines an appealing look with functionality.


The SoftCareSE offers a wash height of up to 2.90 metres and a wash width of up to 2.58 metres. This flexibility enables car dealerships to wash vehicles of all sizes and types.

Washing / cleaning (high pressure, brush wash, wheel washer):

With its powerful high side pressure in combination with the FlexControl brush wash, the SoftCareSE offers a thorough clean that meets even the highest demands. In addition, rims of up to 21 inches can be cleaned. There is a choice between wheel washing with or without an integrated high-pressure function.

Highlight: SofTecs

The system is also equipped with SofTecs brushes, which ensure gentle and effective cleaning while protecting paintwork and surfaces.

Highlight: Fly-in drying

The fly-in function also saves time thanks to faster drying. The contour storage of the laundry (memory contour) speeds up the drying process: the dryer lowers faster towards the vehicle roof in the machine feed.

Highlight: Chemistry options

The SoftCareSE also offers extensive chemical dosing options. Precisely dosed cleaning chemicals enable car dealerships to achieve maximum cleaning results with minimum environmental impact:

- Rim Intensive Special
- Foam side
- Wax / Wax intensive
- Foam wax / polish foamed


The SoftCareSE offers additional options for sealing and polishing to achieve brilliant results. With SoftCareSE, you are investing in the long-term care and value retention of vehicles for your customers.


The choice of a fixed or swivelling roof dryer rounds off the overall package.

Highlight: Technology

Frequency-controlled drives for lifting and travelling movements as well as contour-following processes for drying (fly-in) and high-pressure prewashing ensure excellent washing and drying results with the shortest programme run times. In addition, the SoftCareSE offers options for sealing and polishing to deliver brilliant results - an ideal combination of speed and quality for service washes in the dealership.

Operation & safety:

The SoftCareSE features sensor-controlled safety systems to prevent accidents and protect people and vehicles. The SoftCareSE offers user-friendly operation, allowing your team to save time and focus on your customers.

„The SoftCare SE offers a new, modern design, impressive performance and customised options at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Never before has there been so much SoftCare at such an affordable price."

Simon Wolfinger, Product Manager at WashTec

„Invest in the future of your dealership with SoftCare SE from WashTec. Contact us today for more information.“

Georg Wimmer, Head of Product Management at WashTec