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WashTec UK Ltd.

14a Oak Industrial Park

Chelmsford Road

Great Dunmow

Essex CM6 1XN

Phone: +44 1371 878 800

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The perfect addition
for your car wash business.

Harness all the opportunities of a car wash business by offering your customers a comprehensive range of additional services. Whether vacuum cleaners, mat cleaning equipment, spray devices or money-changing machines – WashTec offers you a complete range of options.

Additional services

Extend your service range by offering your car wash customers additional services. Ensure that your car wash centre creates an attractive overall impression.

Vacuum cleaners

Waschgeschäft Zubehör

Self-service vacuum cleaners for cleaning inside are a must-have for any car wash facility. Whether single or dual vacuum cleaners, high-performance vacuum cleaners for industrial applications or for cars – WashTec offers solutions to cater to every requirement.

Mat cleaners

Frau bedient WashTec-Mattenreinigungsgerät

Perfect cleanliness also for the foot mats. WashTec mat cleaners are powerful, easy to use and ensure that foot mats are cleaned effectively in next to no time.

Spray devices

WashTec-Zusatzgeräte wie z.B. Vorsprüher

WashTec supplementary equipment such as pre-sprayers round off your cleaning portfolio. Pre-sprayers loosen insects and stubborn dirt and make wheel rim cleaning an absolute doddle.

Money-changing machines

SB-Waschplatz Bezahlterminal
Geldwechselgerät von WashTec für SB- Waschplätze

So that your customers always have the right change. The money-changing machines from WashTec for taking notes and coins are a perfect add-on for self-service car wash centres.

Waste bins and canopies

Vordach für SB-Waschplatz

Locks for securing vending machines, waste bins and canopies serve to enhance security and create a positive and clean overall impression at your car wash facilities.

Wash cards

 Transponderkarten für berührungsloses Bezahlen

Car washing made easy. Simply issue your customers with customer-friendly transponder cards for contactless payment.