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Hire purchase

The clever alternative
with fixed instalments
and clear conditions.

As with leasing, up to 100% financing of your washing facility is possible. The term is variable, whereas the conditions are fixed for the duration of the term. One special feature of hire purchase: You acquire the commercial ownership, whilst the vendor is the legal owner. A hire purchase agreement presents an ideal solution if you wish to use public subsidies, which are linked to the accounting system.

Hire purchase: Fixed instalments, clear conditions.

A hire purchase agreement is equivalent to financing through a bank. The leasing company acquires the leased object and hires it out to you over a specific term. From the start of the contract, you are the commercial owner of the leased object and, in contrast to leasing, the legal ownership passes to you automatically after the last instalment has been paid. The entire turnover tax (sum of all the hire instalments) is to be paid at the start of the contract and is immediately deductible. As with leasing, 100% financing also is possible with hire purchase. 

Ideal when using subsidies.
The hire purchase agreement is ideally suited for you if you are looking to use public subsidies, which are linked to your accounting system. You must show the washing facility on your balance sheet and depreciate it according to the guidelines. This allows you to take advantage of investment grants and other subsidies.

The conditions are fixed over the whole term of the contract and provide a clear basis for calculation. The term may vary and can, depending on your needs, account for up to 100% of the depreciation for wear and tear. Irrespective of whether for a gantry car wash, conveyor tunnel system, bus and truck washing facility or self-service wash stations.

Combinable with a full maintenance contract.
With this contract variant, you only pay a monthly overall payment – which includes the leasing instalment and maintenance charge. It affords optimum protection against unexpected costs over the entire term of contract.

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