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Maintenance support

To ensure that everything
runs smoothly – high availability for your car wash and your business.

We accompany you throughout the term of contract agreed for your washing facility. Our end-to-end support concept – from the car wash technology to AUWA chemicals through to the waste water and disposal – ensures a high level of availability for your system. Our 600 experienced WashTec technicians worldwide are ready to assist you personally, thus ensuring rapid response times, short downtimes and reliable spare parts availability.

Comprehensive maintenance concept for a smooth-running washing business.

Our customised maintenance concept ensures that your washing facility carries on working smoothly – from its commissioning through to quick call-outs in the event of emergencies. This enables you to rely on your system being constantly available and accordingly on a solid washing business. 

Your Advantages:

  • The intensity of use of your facility constitutes the basis for calculating your maintenance requirements. We adapt the scope of maintenance and the maintenance intervals to the requirements of your washing facility.
  • We train you and your staff in the efficient operation and care of your washing facility.
  • You have a dedicated contact partner.
  • We advise you professionally on the appropriate equipment for your washing facility, e.g. when upgrading or giving your system a facelift.

And if, despite all the precautions, you do encounter problems – our emergency call-out service is always there for you:

  • Rapid response time.
  • Short downtimes.
  • Experienced WashTec professionals.

Efficient service network for professional support.

Downtime costs time and money. This is why our ultimate objective is to ensure that your washing facility is operating smoothly. And we do this with our efficient service network composed of expert staff, state-of-the-art technical vehicles and online management systems.

Your advantages:

  • A modern scheduling system ensures the efficient deployment of the call-out team.
  • Thanks to GPS navigation, the right technical vehicle with the right spare parts always finds the quickest route to you.
  • Remote maintenance systems often render a technical call-out to your system unnecessary.
  • Using our "WashTecPlus" digital management system allows technical parameters to be reconfigured and status checks of e.g. light barriers and motors to be performed at the click of a mouse – to keep your washing facility running efficiently.

Rapid spare parts supply.

Besides quality, ensuring a rapid response when it comes to maintenance and repairs is essential. Consequently, we use a localised warehouse concept, which guarantees every location reliable spare parts availability. And what is more precisely tailored to the each particular region. We hold around 20,000 spare parts in stock in our central warehouse – which are immediately available and can also be sent out by express delivery to arrive by the next morning before 8:00 a.m.

Your advantages:

  • Efficient spare parts supply throughout Europe.
  • Availability for many years of all the relevant parts for all our washing facilities.
  • Environmentally compatible salvaging.
  • Online shop with extensive offering from spare parts to chemicals through to marketing items.
Maintenance and care instructions for gantry car wash systems.

Please note: This videos does not replace the operating instructions and we assume no liability. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our service team. See all videos.

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