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Digital systems

Solutions for enhanced
efficiency and convenience.

Make your washing business even more efficient and convenient with solutions for water recycling, user-friendly payment and operator terminals or practical WashTec Plus online operator management system. For your customers' convenience. And for your benefit.

Solutions for enhanced efficiency and convenience

Operator management:

Solutions for enhanced efficiency and convenience.

  • Important data in view at all times.
  • Modify and monitor settings.
  • Reliable decision-making basis.
  • Spot and avoid potential problems and disruptions in advance.

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Control and operation made easy.

Wash customers like things to be simple and convenient. Particularly when it comes to operating your washing technology. WashTec provides a large number of operator terminals for all types of systems, from gantry car washes to conveyor tunnel systems through to commercial vehicle systems and self-service wash stations. Choose from different payment systems and equipping variants.

Touch Control Panel:

Maximum convenience when operating self-service systems.

  • Full touch display.
  • Wash navigation feature for maximum flexibility.
  • Customised programme for self-service professionals.

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Operator terminal 'Light': 

The best solution for gantry car washes and commercial vehicle systems.

  • The best solution for the user-friendly operation of your gantry car wash.
  • The system is operated exclusively by the operator or service staff.
  • Simple access to all the system's functions.

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Operator terminal 'Standard':

High operating and payment convenience for all system types.

  • Access to all the functions of your system.
  • For gantry car washes, conveyor tunnel systems and commercial vehicle washing systems.
  • Simple start of the wash programmes.
  • Various payment options.

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Operator terminal 'Touch':

User-friendly, programme start interactive display with touch operation.

  • The operator terminal with extra convenience.
  • The touch-screen operator terminal enables your customers to select the wash they require quickly and conveniently, pay and start, directly from the driver's seat.
  • Simple operation thanks to the graphic and intuitive user interface.

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WashTec Operation Panel:

Easy operation, flexibility and safety for self-service systems.

  • The WashTec Operation Panel (WOP) enables your customers to operate the self-service car wash themselves. 
  • Easy to use.
  • The WashTec colour system facilitates rapid orientation.

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The reliable solution for unmanned car wash centres.

  • Washing business without staff expenses.
  • Ensuring the smooth-running operation of unmanned car wash centres.
  • Simple operation for gantry car washes and self-service wash stations.

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Convenient wash business from the till.

  • Produce wash tickets quickly and conveniently.
  • Remote control the car wash from the point-of-sale terminal or from the office. 
  • The module can be easily combined with the Light, Standard and Touch operator terminals as well as with the WashTec Operation Panel. 

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