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Advantages leasing

Precise fit. Flexible. Well planned. And much more.

Planning security, high flexibility, positive tax and finance effects. There are plenty of good reasons for opting for financing through leasing. As a basis for your decision-making, we have compiled the key reasons for you here. In addition, we would also be pleased to advise you in a personal interview.

General advantages of leasing.

By leasing, you make investments without using your capital (subject to creditworthiness) and protect your credit lines. You avoid external influences and maintain your entrepreneurial freedom, since you retain your liquidity. Irrespective of your credit lines with your principal bank. 

Leasing makes mastering economic fluctuations and innovation management easier for you.

Depending on the type of contract, you have the option of purchasing the washing facility at the end of the leasing term.

Strategic accounting and finance option.

Although you are not the actual owner of the washing facility during the leasing period, you act as one by and large. For example, you are responsible for ensuring the leased object is properly maintained. And you also choose where you take out the necessary insurance policies. The specialists from WashTec Financial Services are naturally available to assist and advise you here.

Leasing represents an attractive strategic accounting and finance option for you. On the one hand, leased objects are recorded in the accounts of the leasing company and not yours. On the other hand, leasing instalment payments are tax-deductible operating expenses.

Full planning security and utmost flexibility.

The level of the leasing instalment payments is contractually agreed from the outset. Neither are the leasing instalment payments influenced over the long term by interest or rating changes, thus serving as a secure calculation basis.  

You conduct the purchase negotiations for the investment item yourself. At the same time, you set the respective level of the instalment payment with the lessor yourself, how long the washing facility is available and what happens when the contract ends. 

WashTec is of course available to assist you as a professional partner for the maintenance and servicing. A full maintenance contract with leasing assures you absolute security. This applies to gantry car washes and conveyor tunnel systems and equally to commercial vehicle washing systems and self-service washing stations. 

Positive liquidity, accounting and tax effects.

Since the leasing company takes over the financing of the washing facility, there is no liquidity drain and/or extension of external financing at the time of investment. The instalment payments spread the cost of the investment according to the "pay as you earn" principle over the period in which earnings are achieved with the washing facility.

Positive effects on the equity ratio.

Since the lessor is the legal owner of the washing facility and records it in his accounts, your balance sheet is not extended. This has positive impacts on the equity ratio, which is very important, not least from the viewpoint of Basel II/III.

Leasing instalments are fully tax-deductible immediately as operating expenses. With financing through equity capital, by contrast, only the depreciation can be used to reduce taxes.

Improved efficiency and scope for innovations.

In addition to financing, WashTec Financial Services has also been offering complementary services for a long time - namely, from fire insurance through to the ongoing maintenance of leased equipment. As a lessee, you have the opportunity to improve your efficiency through targeted outsourcing.

The high degree of flexibility in the duration of leasing contracts also makes it easier for you to constantly upgrade your machinery in line with the rapid pace of technological change. Whether gantry car washes, conveyor tunnel systems, commercial vehicle washing systems or self-service washing stations.

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