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Efficient. Economical.
Environmentally sound.

As full-service providers for vehicle washing, we use the products of our subsidiary company AUWA for our washing and care chemicals. Starting with cleaning and care products for vehicle washing through to special solutions for water conditioning. All AUWA chemical products are efficient, economical and satisfy high environmental standards.

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Strong partners: WashTec and AUWA chemicals


AUWA chemicals perfectly complement WashTec's washing technology. All AUWA chemical products are optimally tuned for use with WashTec gantry car washes, conveyor tunnel systems and self-service washing facilities. They are developed and produced in close collaboration with the WashTec development department. This enables us to exploit synergies to full effect – and achieve the best results for you and your customers.

AUWA chemicals are gentle to vehicle paintwork, brushes, textiles and the car wash system. They deliver gleaming washing and drying results without streaking or smearing. Needless to say, all AUWA chemical products satisfy high environmental standards. 

Innovative products and processes


AUWA chemicals excel with smart solutions for efficient processes, easy handling and top washing results. 

An example is the TecsLine product range. It comprises optimally coordinated washing and care products and guarantees top results in every process step. From the pre-cleaning to the vehicle drying. TecsLine is suitable for use in conveyor tunnel systems, gantry car washes and self-service car wash facilities.

Environmentally compatible formulas

Stringent environmental and health standards are observed in the development and production of AUWA chemical products. We always avoid using toxic ingredients and those classified as "hazardous to the environment". We avoid using colouring agents and fragrances, emulsifiers and similar substances as far as possible. 

All AUWA ecoline products biodegrade perfectly, are environmentally friendly and separate superbly in water conditioning systems. 

Unique on the market. The entire product range is free of nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA). 

Selected AUWA products also satisfy the requirements of ÖNORM, the Nordic Swan (the Nordic eco label), the DHI standard. 

All AUWA washing chemical products are concentrates, which are automatically diluted and dosed in the car washes. The highly concentrated composition of their active ingredients allows them to be dosed sparingly. Using concentrates allows our consumption, transport costs and exhaust gas emissions to be reduced by up to 70%.

You can learn more about AUWA chemical products here.