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Touch control panel

The guided self-service
wash with its exceptional

Offer your customers a unique washing experience featuring intuitive navigation through the self-service washing process using the Operating panel touch. Your advantage: With the predefined programmes and the convenient washing process you attract new customers who do not usually choose the self-service wash option.

Touch control panel

SB-Waschprozess Bedientableau Touch

How it works:

Your customers choose between individual wash and the guided self-service wash. The guided wash option offers defined wash programmes for a specific price. Customers are visually guided through the entire wash cycle using a colour concept. Depending on the programme step, the display shows the customer which lance or brush they must use and for how long for the current process step.

Waschanlage Bedienterminal WashTec Plus Auswahlmenü

Your advantages:

  • Intuitive operation for customers and operators: Modern user interface on the Operating panel touch (10.4“ full touch display) for car wash customers and operators.
  • Customers have the choice: Whether guided or individual wash.
  • Greater attraction for new customers: Predefined programmes to suit the size of vehicle in conjunction with the colour concept make it easy for new customers to get started.
  • Guaranteed price and more throughput: Defined programmes always generate a fixed sum, the wash booth is freed up faster for the next customer.
  • Increased customer loyalty: Additional functions for individual washes (e.g. manual setting of high pressure) keep your existing customers loyal in the long term.
  • Perfectly informed without additional effort: Washing instructions and prices can be displayed directly on the Operating panel touch.
  • Customised design: Thanks to the simple adjustment of the logo and layout, you create a unique look for your station.
  • Flexible payment options: Whether as an integrated cabinet solution or in the external operating terminal, payment is possible with coins, tokens, contactless transponder cards or washing codes.