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Cold water washing for car washes

Make sustainable savings with WashTec

With WashTec, self-service car wash operators can save up to 70% in heating costs and significant CO₂emissions – thanks to the first solution on the market for complete cold water washing from WashTec and modern AUWA washing chemicals.

Convert to cold water washing – reduce heating costs, maintain efficiency

Rising energy prices and the desire for sustainable solutions – this is where WashTec comes in with a unique solution for self-service car wash operators. Discover:

  • The WashTec conversion kit for self-service car washes for excellent cleaning performance at a fraction of the previous energy consumption

  • The AUWA washing and care programmes that enable familiar cleaning results to be achieved without the use of hot water

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Convert now – this is how much you save by converting to cold water washing:

Costs up to £1,150 annually per washing can be saved annually per washing station by fully converting to cold water washing now in a straightforward manner. This is possible thanks to the easy- to-use conversion kit from WashTec.

Horst Ball from the Waschpark Treffen car wash centre already took action in the middle of the year in response to the worsening energy crisis and was one of WashTec's first customers to switch completely to cold water washing.

"I am glad that WashTec approached me with this innovative solution right at the beginning of the energy crisis. I acted quickly and had my self-service washing station converted to cold water washing immediately. This has already saved me lots of money since then – while colleagues anxiously follow the prices, I can concentrate fully on the business again."

Horst Ball
Owner of „Waschpark Treffen“, Austria

The one-off investment of around £1,380 with the conversion kit from WashTec already pays for itself on average* after the first four months.

Potential savings in pound per washing station and year based on current gas and heating oil costs (as of August 2022)


Full power even in cold water mode - this is how it works

Ein Mann prüft das Ergebnis der Autowäsche mit Kaltwasser bei seinem Fahrzeug.

The use of hot water can be traced back to times of low energy costs and the use of powder chemicals at the time. Modern washing chemicals are much more advanced in this respect. With AUWA, WashTec already offers high-quality washing and care programmes that enable familiar cleaning results to be achieved without the use of hot water. You can find innovative washing chemicals for self-service car washes here:


WashTec car washes are now also able to guarantee the usual washing quality of the market leader exclusively with cold water washing. For this purpose, the hot water circuit is disconnected in the course of the conversion. This quick and cost-efficient solution is possible both for new systems and for retrofitting existing car washes in use in a straightforward and swift manner.

Convert now and start saving immediately


For information and advice on converting your self-service system for cold water washing, please get in touch with your usual WashTec agent or contact us



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