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Application guide

Get off to a successful start –
from the outset.

First impressions count. Our application guide lets you in on what really counts – from the cover letter to the preparation through to the interview. For a successful joint start – even before your first day at work.

The cover letter.

A well-written cover letter arouses the interest of your new employer. Always remember: first impressions count. Avoid mistakes and express yourself clearly. Restrict your letter to no more than one side of A4 (e.g. using the font Arial, size font 12). Avoid repeating the details from your CV.

Keep to the usual formalities: address, subject line, introduction, main section, conclusion, valediction with signature, reference to attachments.

A convincing letter.
Many application guides recommend starting your letter with a creative introduction. This is not essential, however. You're doing nothing wrong by introducing your letter with "I would like to apply for the advertised position in the car wash technology department ...". Ideally, your introduction should communicate why you are the ideal candidate for the job: "As a business studies graduate (UAS), I have 5 years' relevant professional experience as a sales manager for car washes." Make a connection between your career to date and the requirement profile in the job advertisement.

Emphasize any relevant foreign language and IT skills, personal strengths and soft skills. Avoid writing blanket statements such as "I am a team player". Link your strengths instead to specific projects. You can also mention your referees. Conclude by specifying your earliest possible starting date and your desired salary (total annual salary).

The interview.

The interview is a face-to-face conversation. It is not a test situation, where your knowledge will be put to the test or about supplying the right answers. The object is more about getting to know what you are like a person and finding out whether you are compatible. Use it as an opportunity to ask questions.

Proper preparation.
Research general information about the company in advance. This will enable you to ask specific questions during the interview – and better assess whether the job is right for you. Ask for details or about the corporate strategy ("What new products is WashTec planning for the future as regards gantry car washes and conveyor tunnel systems?" "What makes WashTec different to other companies?"). You can also address your interviewer specifically ("Why do you like working for WashTec?"; "What do you like best and least about your work?"). Or ask questions about the selection procedure ("What happens next following the interview stage?"). This shows you are interested in joining the company.

From the employer's viewpoint, it is common to get asked questions about your strengths and weaknesses or stages in your professional career. Avoid repeating what you have already written in your letter. Instead, provide an insight into your approach to work and into your professional and personal preferences.

FAQs The correct way to apply.

Do I need to answer every question I am asked in the interview?
No, you do not have to.

Neither do you have to respond truthfully to impermissible question, telling a lie is legally allowed in this case. Impermissible questions are questions about pregnancy and family planning, political activities and party membership, religious preferences, trade union membership, financial circumstances and/or debts*, previous convictions* and private life as well as sexual orientation.

*as far as not relevant for the job

Should I submit my application online or send it by post?
After receiving your e-mail, you will be sent an automatic acknowledgement of receipt. Please note that delays in processing your application are possible due to the high number of applications we receive.

After three weeks at the latest, you will hear from you as to what happens next. For example, we may receive an invitation for an interview – in person or by telephone/Skype.

What dress code applies for the interview?
Wear appropriate clothing for the job you are applying for. If a suit and tie are generally worn during everyday work, you should also dress accordingly for the interview. It is important that your clothing is clean and tidy. You are also more confident when well dressed.

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