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Modular design

Basic or premium?
The choice is yours.

It doesn't get more flexible than this. Individually combinable modules from WashTec enable you to design your conveyor tunnel system flexibly in terms of its size, equipment and throughput. Whether a cost-efficient basic variant or a high-end premium version: Configure your conveyor tunnel system to suit your individual needs. From 11 to over 40 m long. Adapted to the local conditions on site. And to the specific requirements of your customers.

Numerous modules, one goal – perfect washing and drying results.

The following modules are available to you for configuring a flexible design for your conveyor tunnel system:


Platteneinweiser für ein sicheres Lenken des Fahrzeugs auf die Förderkette
  • Operator terminal – robust system for mounting on a wall and/or on a post or integrated into a cash desk.
  • Manual pre-wash – effective pre-treatment for better washing results and gentle machine wash.
  • Shifting plate – for safely guiding the vehicles onto the conveyor belt with robust bearing-mounted displacement plate, gentle to tyres thanks to plastic rollers.
  • Steel conveyor belt – gentle to tyres, with low-maintenance drag rollers, improves the wheel rim cleaning thanks to rotating tyres.
  • Plastic conveyor belt – extremely gentle to tyres, smoother and quieter running, designed for a tyre width up to 375 mm.
  • Star design – gantry with 6 LED spotlights for programme displays, individually configurable with pictographs and text information.
  • Multi design – gantry with illuminated programme displays, individually configurable with pictographs and text information.
  • Smart design – premium gantry with LED-backlit, individually printable banners.

Machine pre-wash

Maschinelle Vorwäsche durch HD-Bogen
  • High-pressure arch – in free-standing or linear-travel version, contour-tracking always close to the vehicle, with rotating roof beam.
  • Underbody wash – cleaning of the underbody with 22 water jets, 2 inclined nozzles facing outwards are used for effectively cleaning hard-to-reach places around the wheel arch.
  • Wheel rim sprayer – optimum preparation for wheel rim cleaning, optionally with turbo-nozzles (rotating spot spray nozzles).
  • Stationary BPS (moving spot sprayer) – ensures that the vehicle is sprayed all over by the water jet, enhances the cleaning of the vehicle front and rear.

Main wash

Radwäscher und Radschwellenwäscher
Auto fährt in Walzenstation
  • Wheel washer – travels in a linear direction to the wheel and cleans the wheel rims more effectively.
  • Wheel sill washer – for the simultaneous cleaning of wheels and sills, optionally with high-pressure nozzles for enhanced wheel rim cleaning.
  • Wash brush station – sophisticated linear technology for moving the brushes, contour-tracking and accelerated simultaneous movement ensures excellent washing and drying results.


Auto in Pflegestation
Unterbodenwäsche des Autos
  • Care station – generally consists of one roof brush and two side brushes, which gently massage the care products onto vehicle surfaces, with numerous care and preservation programmes.
  • ShineTecs – paintwork protection that pays for itself, facilitates long-term customer retention, because the repair effect is intensified with each application.
  • CTH arch – chemical drying aid boosts the efficiency of the drying in the subsequent stations.
  • Preservation aid arch – for preserving care with wax.


Auto in Pflegestation
  • Blower dryers – designed to be energy-saving, targeted air conveyance thanks to contour-tracking linear technology close to the vehicle, optimised air flow.
  • Brush dryers – for complete subsequent drying with highly absorbent, soft and quick-drying brush materials.
  • Cloth dryers – rotating or swinging for effective drying of the horizontal surfaces.


Countdown-Ampel mit Edelstahlgehäuse
  • Countdown traffic light – attractive stainless steel housing with multi-coloured LED traffic light, supports smooth running exit process.


LED-Anzeige für den Profit Manager
  • Info column – robust, cost-effective and customisable, selected programmes can be backlit by the system control.
  • LED display – any texts and pictographs can be displayed via the ProfitManager system control.
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