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Car washing even
in tight spaces.

Express car wash tunnels are defined by their high conveyor speed, excellent washing results and customer convenience with the lowest possible personnel requirements. To make this possible wherever space is at a premium, WashTec offers its highly efficient car wash tunnel SoftLine² Xpress Pro.

The highly efficient car wash tunnel SoftLine² Xpress Pro

How it works: Intensive chemical application via 2 spraying arches in the entrance area and efficient high pressure washing by contour tracking high pressure beam significantly reduce personnel requirements in the prewash. After that the car wash continues efficiently with the Lineartechnology of WashTec. Means synchrony to conveyor speed perfectly applied brushes and roof dryer to the car’s contour, especially to the front and rear zone of the car. This makes it possible to install a space-saving express car wash from a 42 m conveyor belt length. The chemical application, which is optimally adapted to washing and drying processes, is also taken into account and thus contributes to the successful operation of an express car wash tunnel. 

Your advantages:

  • Space-saving express car wash tunnel from 42 m conveyor belt length thanks to efficient Lineartechnology.
  • Reduced personnel requirements thanks to process-optimised chemical application and contour-tracking high pressure.
  • More washes thanks to optimised peripherals, such as dual POS system and indoor solutions for vacuum bays.
  • Optionally available in hot galvanized and powder coated steel or stainless steel.

Equipment details:

  • More washes also means more throughput by speeding up the payment process. Solutions are available for this: e. g. the upstream dual POS system.
  • Indoor solutions for vacuum stations also generate more washes thanks to increased customer convenience.
  • Three express variants are available to choose from: with a 42m, 46m or 50m conveyor belt length.