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Eni petrol station Weikmann, Illertissen

Eni petrol station Weikmann, Illertissen,
Eni petrol station Weikmann, Illertissen,

WashTec's EasyCarWash in practice: advantages and potential on both sides

Install the EasyCarWash app, select your preferred station, choose between single wash and flat rate to pay for car washes using cashless and contactless payment methods – customers who do this save time, pay digitally and select the wash programme they require via the app. You couldn't ask for more convenience than that.

"Wash your car with us in Illertissen as often as you like! With the EasyCarWash app – now with a 30% discount on your first car wash subscription," Rainer Weikmann advertises on his Facebook page, explaining his approach: "You have to actively promote the EasyCarWash app. After all, it's something completely new for car wash customers. I have had a Facebook and Instagram page since the middle of last year, where I actively promote the EasyCarWash app."

"My invitation has been and is still being taken up especially by young people. This works really well. I give a 30% discount on the flat rate in the first month and on the purchase of the first single wash." Even regular customers have started to take an interest and are now testing the successful functionality of the EasyCarWash app. "The accompanying dashboard allows me to accurately track real car wash data." A situation that is beneficial for both car wash customers and car wash operators.

"I am now absolutely convinced of this. After all, it is a good thing if customers can pay for their wash using cashless and contactless payment methods. Customers who come to us two or three times a week are particularly happy about this, as they no longer have to go into the petrol station shop to buy car washes. Customers can also see in the app whether the car wash is busy and how many vehicles are waiting in front of it. This is great for regular customers as it avoids possible long waits before the customer enters the car wash."

"If you wash your car once a week, it's much cheaper and easier.
I think that's good.
Rainer Weikmann, Eni Tankstelle Weikmann petrol station, Illertissen


Solution for unstable connections

A serious problem that still remains is that a reliable Internet connection cannot be accessed everywhere in Germany. However, it is essential in order to be able to use EasyCarWash. In the event of a problem, "I had to write an e-mail to WashTec stating that the customer with vehicle registration number XY is having difficulties. The WashTec employee in question would then search through a log to track down the problem. When I receive an answer from WashTec, I have to call or e-mail the customer in question. This is long-winded, time-consuming and not very professional. Up to now, I have solved this problem situation with the flat rate by offering a free 'manual' wash card."

WashTec has since further developed the EasyCarWash software significantly. If there are problems with the Internet or recognition of the vehicle registration number, the wash can still be started. In practice, this means that "the operator receives an e-mail from WashTec the following day with the note 'suspected fraud', which he can check against the photo. The EasyCarWash has been working very well since then without any problems."

Almost only online now

Marketing – for example on the social network "Instagram" – should be carefully planned out beforehand. "I received support from a professional provider on placing adverts." The result: "I run several campaigns and can identify, evaluate and deduce a lot from them. That's a fine thing in itself." Rainer Weikmann has long since dispensed with advertisements in a local newspaper, as well as printed flyers. They are expensive and not very successful.

"The EasyCarWash app shows drivers my car wash on their smartphone, iPhone, tablet and smartwatch. They see: Ah, now there's a great offer and they come to me to wash and maintain their car." Nevertheless, reaching older people who are not or no longer online-savvy and convincing them of the benefits of the EasyCarWash app remains a problem. "For them, we still offer the classic wash card or a top-up wash key with discounts when topping up."