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Rheinland Kraftstoff petrol station Schäfer, Kassel

Rheinland Kraftstoff petrol station Schäfer, Kassel,
Rheinland Kraftstoff petrol station Schäfer, Kassel,

Rheinland Kraftstoff petrol station Schäfer, Kassel

Since spring 2021, the Rheinland Kraftstoff petrol station Schäfer on Sandershäuser Straße in the Bettenhausen district of Kassel has looked like a modern and extremely attractive station with remarkable service offerings for its customers. The eye-catcher par excellence is a shop in which a concept has been customised and implemented to the highest standards. The visual impression conveys well thought-out structures and a skilful clarity in a warm, light atmosphere.

The strengths of the SoftCare Pro Classic

Since 18 February 2021, the attractive range of services offered by the showcase petrol station has included a new gantry car wash from the market leader WashTec. This car wash is a SoftCare Pro Classic, which delivers first-class results in both washing and drying. Anyone who, like Holger Schäfer, opts for this gantry car wash model is also well informed about optionally coordinated functions and processes. Schäfer's SoftCare Pro Classic, in sophisticated basalt grey, washes vehicles up to a maximum height of 2.40 metres and a maximum width of 2.38 metres. Because of this, vans are not a problem for them. The operation for starting each wash is carried out via an operating terminal located at the entrance to the wash bay. A scanner redeems the ticket purchased at the checkout in the shop.

Holger Schäfer's customers can choose from five wash programmes – ShineTecs, Premium and Gloss Wash as well as Intensive and Basic Wash. Before the roof and side rollers of the red and black SofTecs brush material begin to rotate, customers receive directional support from WashTec's StarTrack guide rails as they drive in, making driving in and positioning easier with different coloured lighting patterns. The all-round high-pressure wash ensures a 'thorough' wash right from the start. Thanks to the standard large brush diameters, the vehicle surfaces are actively washed for a long time. In combination with the Flex-Control system, they adapt automatically and optimally to all vehicle shapes.


"I want the best performance for my customers across all the services I offer. That's why car washes are only available with system technology from the world market leader."

The "Wash Bay" experience

Holger Schäfer's car wash customers enjoy the experience of driving into a wash bay lined with white plastic panels, which also received plastic protection on the ceiling as part of the gantry's movement amplitude. This means that the weekly routine cleaning, in particular, can be carried out with much less effort and the result is much better. And although Holger Schäfer does not have to comply with any noise level requirements with his gantry system, especially in the course of the drying process, due to its location, and can therefore keep the gates open, he had a heater fan installed on one side in the wash bay. This way, it can dry the bay at any time, regardless of the weather. The floor surface in the bay, which is also new, will benefit from this.

It is worth mentioning that the Kassel self-service petrol station had to virtually start from "scratch" again in the course of the reopening, as the entire site had remained unused for a long time. WashTec helps with marketing and provides signs with the message "Test now. We have a new car wash – state-of-the-art technology from the market leader". And WashTec will be there when Holger Schäfer decides to use ... the web portal for numerous benefits and full control over his gantry system.

Text / images: Bernd Fiehöfer