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CarWashCenter, Potsdam - Germany

CarWashCenter, Potsdam - Germany,
CarWashCenter, Potsdam - Germany,

WashTec are exactly the right partners

Harald Neumann and his wife are the joint bosses of CarWashCenter Potsdam. He knows exactly how to clean and care for vehicles. Over a period spanning more than two decades, initially as a petrol station leaseholder and later as a car wash operator, he has experienced all the highs and lows of automatic car washing and the self-service car washing business. First and foremost, he has always stuck by his choice of business partners. He regards working relationships as symbiosis of mutual giving and taking. "I opted for WashTec because for me they were and remain innovative partners", remarks Neumann and goes on to explain his decision: "As a modern company, WashTec offered modern technology that met my expectations and notions of a car wash. As such, WashTec were the only possible partners for me." When making his choice, he could draw on his extensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills, his special knowledge of the technical details and of the processes and functioning of all the washing programmes and operation of the water conditioning system. In conjunction with a veritable wealth of experience, he has succeeded in presenting the CarWashCenter to his customers in general and the WashTec technology more particularly without downtime over virtually all the years.

Profitable investment

In March of the coming year, this WashTec reference facility will be celebrating a decade in business. Right from the start, the facility was mainly equipped with WashTec technology. "On the third of March 2007, the day on which we opened, we were already washing with the then new textile materials." Eight and a half years later the Neumanns decided to modernise their car wash centre for three quarters of a million. Once again, it is predominantly system technology from WashTec that was installed in November 2015. Within just four weeks, the floor had been replaced, the walls panelled and all the technology installed. This included for example an oscillating, LED-assisted high-pressure wash and a mirror dryer, which is followed by two blower dryers, also from WashTec. This includes a high-pressure arch and underbody high-pressure washer plus wheel sill washer with high-pressure nozzles for enhanced wheel cleaning. Roof and side brushes that wash roofs and sides of vehicles with gentle SofTecs® material, foam polish and dry polish in addition to an arch for spraying protective chemicals complement WashTec's washing technology systems. "I opted for stainless steel technology so as to offer my customers high-quality washes over the long term in a conveyor tunnel system that virtually never breaks down", emphasizes Neumann, who himself never stops. Visibly proud, he concludes also by saying: "All my experience has gone into the CarWashCenter."  With care, servicing and preventive maintenance, he achieves impressive and downtime-free service lives with WashTec technology!

Harald Neumann also invested not only in an ultra-modern water conditioning system, which enables him to save considerably more than he originally anticipated, but also decided to rinse the vehicles with osmosis water immediately before the protection stage. "The osmosis water is after all hungry and thus helps rinse off all the residues." This means that vehicles remain absolutely spotless after drying.

Neumann's CarCosmetic service offering includes every cleaning and care service available for cars. This also includes six self-service wash stations on the back of the wash bay in which WashTec technology has been installed. Here, too, Neumann offers thick XXL foam from the high-pressure spray gun. Those who wash by hand are in for a fascinating experience during the wash. "WashTec's equipment works reliably in the booths. If, due to signs of use, a hose or foam brush has to be changed at some point, the part in question is kept in reserve and is ready to be replaced quickly."

Thanks for the support

Getting everything just right was a joint process for our mutual benefit and would have been unthinkable without WashTec's effective support. A process above all because "I am - from a manufacturer's viewpoint - without doubt a demanding customer. At the same time, I am looking to establish a good working relationship and that this in turn is also put into practice. If this leads to a package that functions well, I will buy the new things, in this case from WashTec", says Neumann mentioning key features. As an engineer/economist and qualified motor mechanic, he knows that steel and water do not mix. This is why, for example, Neumann has worked on ways of protecting the motors against water and cleaning the drag chain with every revolution and finding simple, but effective solutions. To combat the odour that is always present in the pipes in the mornings, he has made WashTec the suggestion of programming a rinsing cycle that opens the valves, thereby triggering the pumps and flushing out the pipes. This request is yet to be fulfilled.

"I am pleased that the new software now gives me the convenience of activating all the units separately. This makes it easier for me to perform my maintenance and repair work", he says in praise of the innovative manufacturers.

Text/ Pictures: Bernd Fiehöfer