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Questions and answers about
the car wash business.

WashTec is the answer to the question about the cleanest car wash. Some answers can already be found in our FAQs. Still can't find the answer to your question? Then simply contact us.

Cleaning and care

What is the best way to remove insect residues and tree sap from the paintwork?

Many car owners usually take advantage of the good weather to drive their cars to the car wash. However, if you decide to wash your car in rainy weather, the insect residues, for example, are already wet and can be easily removed with a special insect washing programme.

The best choice for car washers is a washing programme with the highly concentrated InsecTecs insect remover with a fresh lime scent. AUWA offers this special cleaner for the rapid and effective removal of organic residues and deposits on glass and paintwork surfaces. InsecTecs belongs to the Best Performance TecsLine and is suitable for use in all types of car washes. Thanks to its high concentration of top-quality active ingredients, InsecTecs delivers outstanding cleaning performance, particularly when tackling stubborn dirt, such as insect residues, bird lime and tree sap. Despite its high alkalinity, this insect remover offers substantially better material compatibility over conventional highly alkaline pre-cleaners.

What is the best way to clean my car upholstery?

Tips on effective interior cleaning can be found in our WashTec blog at,
where you will find, for example, an article on cleaning car seats:

This is how you can remove cigarette smoke from your car:

Here you can read what you need to consider when caring for and cleaning leather:

Car wash systems

How much do WashTec car wash systems cost?

We cannot quote a standard price for a system. It always depends on the individual requirements of the site. Our team of sales representatives is available to assist interested customers in choosing the right system backed up by a site and potential analysis and to draw up the right business concept with them.

What potential do the various car wash systems have?

These numbers are not set in stone. As a general rule, you should always consider the competitive situation in your area.

Which gantry car wash system is suitable for an average petrol station operator?

Which gantry car wash system is suitable for a petrol station cannot be answered just like that. It always depends on the site and the results of the potential analysis. In addition, it is important not to focus on technology alone, but rather on a business model and how to get the most out of the washing business. There are basically four parameters that influence the choice of the appropriate gantry car wash system. At WashTec, we call these the 4 Dimensions. You have to find the right balance between quality, speed, convenience and experience. After selecting the parameters, we configure a solution that is tailored to the customer's needs and requests.


Do you need special training or special knowledge if you want to open a car wash?

You do not need special training if you decide to open a car wash. However, it is certainly an advantage to familiarise yourself with the subject of car washing and the market in advance.

What are the essential requirements for operators when installing a new car wash?

If interested parties are thinking about setting up a business with a car wash, they should consider various aspects in advance to make their investment worthwhile and to quickly recoup the initial outlay. In general, the available capital or financing is a key factor for a car wash project. You should also have the right partner at your side. By taking into account all the important aspects regarding the location of the site and the expected clientele in the early planning phase, a detailed and confidence-inspiring business plan can be drawn up. In conjunction with the secured financing, this ensures that the dream of your own company can come true.

What documents do you need for a meeting with WashTec?

There are some questions you should think about for an initial meeting. These include the following:

  • What kind of cars do you plan to wash? Are there any preferences for the type of system?
  • How many cars do you plan to wash? And how often is a car washed in the region?
  • Is a site already available? If so, how much space is available for the system?
  • Would you like it to be installed indoors or outdoors? And what is the minimum temperature at the site?
  • How attractive should the car wash be for the end customer?
  • How dirty do you expect the vehicles to be?
  • Is water conditioning required?
  • What is the budget for the entire project?

We no longer just talk to our customers about a product, but about a business model and how they can get the best out of their car wash business. To do this, we configure a solution that is optimally tailored to the needs and wishes of our customers.

How does WashTec provide technical and organisational support to potential customers?

At WashTec, the focus is on maximum customer benefit. This is why we accompany our customers through the entire planning process: from the site and potential analysis, taking into account the competitive situation in the region, through the purchase of the system to the start of operation. Our focus is on our customers and their specific needs. This begins with the planning and acquisition of the system and continues throughout its entire service life. WashTec offers car wash systems and accessories to suit every need and every budget. Our employees assist customers from the definition of system equipment to the analysis of the cost structure for maximum investment security.

An example: The WashTec service team configures the system taking account of all the relevant parameters and ensuring affordability. We then install the car wash solution on site. During the commissioning check, the system is adjusted to the specific local conditions – thus guaranteeing optimised washing results. The WashTec service also comprises the selection of the correct AUWA chemicals, naturally taking account of the applicable safety and environmental standards. With targeted communication measures, we then provide support with the task of acquiring and retaining customers. In this way, our customers benefit from many years of technical and business expertise and a trusting relationship on an equal footing.


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